“Medical Doctors in Health Reforms: A Comparative Study of England and Canada – Sociology of Health Professions”

Co-authered by H-pod’s Jean-Louis Denis, Sabrina Germain, Catherine Régis and Gianluca Veronesi, this new volume is now available for pre-order! 

To order your copy, follow this link!

This timely comparative study assesses the role of medical doctors in reforming publicly funded health services in England and Canada. Respected authors from health and legal backgrounds on both sides of the Atlantic consider how the high status of the profession uniquely influences reforms. With summaries of developments in models of care, and the participation of doctors since the inception of publicly funded healthcare systems, they ask whether professionals might be considered allies or enemies of policy-makers. With insights for future health policy and research, the book is an important contribution to debates about the complex relationship between doctors and the systems in which they practice.


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