« Medical AI: Regulatory and Ethical Challenges »

This event is organized by AI + Society!

Thursday May 23, join a conversation on the ethical and regulatory challenges for the deployment of AI in healthcare!

« Hospital systems, device makers, and artificial intelligence (AI) developers are spending huge amounts of money to bring AI, and especially machine learning, into health care. These efforts raise formidable logistical and design challenges, but as well as ethical and legal questions.  

Prof. Glenn Cohen will survey some of the issues regarding liability, informed consent, discrimination, and explainability, and discuss possible regulatory models to address AI-related risks.   

Prof. Catherine Régis will then moderate a conversation bringing the perspectives of AI innovator Dr. Anna Goldenberg, patient Maggie Keresteci, and legal scholars Prof. Teresa Scassa and Prof. Colleen M. Flood. « 

The event will be held at uOttawa (Learning Crossroads, Amphi. C408) 100 Louis-Pasteur Private Ottawa, ON K1N 9N1.

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